In our busy world, we can forget ourselves. Accumulated tension and posture habits can contribute to stress, stiffness, and feeling out-of-touch. Sometimes we need a reminder to come back home. Massage is a powerful way of re-connecting with that simple presence – yourself. It is also an extremely beneficial part of maintaining your overall health and well-being.

Massage can:

  • improve circulation of the blood and lymph (ridding your body of accumulated toxins)
  • stretch tight connective tissue & reduce pain
  • introduce freer movement to the joints
  • help with emotional balance and release
  • relieve stress (declared an epidemic by the UN and a primary source of illness)
  • improve your sleep (by stimulating melatonin production)
  • improve digestive function and deepen breathing (by stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system)

Massage may be a great choice if you:

  • work in an office or sit a lot
  • are stressed, overwhelmed, or in pain
  • have trouble sleeping
  • are going through a life transition
  • want to develop better creativity & self-awareness
  • love your body!