“I believe that a massage can be effective…and a work of art. Working deeply in the fascia as well as providing a nourishing, relaxing experience, my bodywork practice is inspired by my background in dance and continuing education in somatic psychology and Expressive Arts Therapy. The body/mind knows what it needs to do – I strive to help create the conditions for tension and old patterns to release and new patterns to form, bringing with them more openness and joy. This integrative approach is founded in knowledge of anatomy, as well as attention to the needs of the whole person.”

Kelty is a Certified Bodywork Practitioner and a graduate of the Vancouver School of Bodywork and Massage. She learned Deep Tissue Massage with Amaro Hoegrafer, who studied with Ida Rolf and is one of the world’s top practitioners in the field of Structural Integration. Kelty has done additional massage training for pregnancy and post-partum with Paula Jaspar, RMT, and works with clients of many ages, genders and backgrounds.

Kelty is fully insured through the Natural Health Practitioners of Canada, an established body of health and wellness professionals.